We are an established real estate developer with a track record of successfully developing and executing projects spanning from master-planned communities to large-scale condominium developments.  We have developed projects in Calgary, Comox, and Saskatoon and are actively working on a large project in West Kelowna.  After over 20 years of consistent growth for the company, Landstar has developed the acumen, expertise and reputation necessary to construct high quality projects and complete them in a timely and cost-effective manner. At Landstar, we are continuously innovating and adapting to market conditions as we pursue the highest standards of excellence in our land acquisitions and subsequent developments.

In addition to pursuing successful developments, Landstar owns and operates a substantive portfolio of commercial real estate assets, predominantly in the retail and residential classes.  As an experienced landlord with more than 20 years expertise in property management and ownership, Landstar prides itself on our positive Landlord – Tenant relations and our ability to attract and maintain a solid tenant portfolio.